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The mailing list is the preferred way to get in touch with the developers and other users to discuss StrongED related topics. Using the mailing list means you can keep up to date with developments (bugs fixes, new releases, etc) and take full advantage of the knowledge and experience of other users. Comments, bug reports and suggestions are all welcome!

Mailing list

The list address is Please note that you'll need to subscribe to the mailing list before you can send and receive messages.

For a standard subscription send a blank email to The mailing list, which is run by Richard Torrens, offers several other subscribe options. See the mailing list page for details.

Direct mail

If there's any reason why you can't, or don't want to, use the mailing list then you can email us directly at

Or to any of the developers directly: Fred Graute

New versions

New versions of StrongED can be found in the download section of this website.

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