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Test release of StrongED

Here you can download the latest test release of StrongED. Note that this release only has BaseMode included and possibly some modes that have been updated to take advantage of new functionality. All other modes you wish to install must be downloaded from the Modes database.

One of the main changes in 4.70 is that bitmap fonts are no longer restricted to a width of 8 pixels and a height of 8/16 pixels. Bitmap fonts can now be up to 32 pixels wide and of any height.

Also changed is how special characters for control codes and tabs are stored. In previous versions they were in a style called CtrlTab and to see special characters you had to set Ctrls/Tabs to use this style.

In 4.70 special control characters are located in positions 0 - 31 of a font and those for tabs are in 256-259. The Font section of the Mode Choices has gained some options to control the use of special characters.

The downside of this change is that the style CtrlTab may still be specified in the colour configuration files (ColoursStd and ColoursAlt). This can cause StrongED to pop up a warning. To remove the CtrlTab reference from the colours files you can use the following fix:

Please note that you may need to do this for both !StrongED.Defaults.Modes and !StrED_cfg.UserPrefs.Modes.

Version Release Application Resources Sources Changes Compatibility
4.70 Alpha #15 - Soon Changes in 4.70 26/32-bit & ARMv7

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