Richard Torrens runs a very useful mailing list which is used for discussion of all things StrongED. The list address is Please note that you'll need to subscribe to the mailing list before you can send and receive messages.

The mailing list is the preferred way to get in touch with the developers and other users to discuss StrongED related topics. Using the mailing list means you can keep up to date with developments (bugs fixes, new releases, etc) and take full advantage of the knowledge and experience of other users. Comments, bug reports and suggestions are all welcome!

Subcribe options

Standard version.
To subscribe send a blank email to

Digest version.
Currently set to send every 7 days or (if the list is busy) when there are 50 emails in the stack (these values may be changed in future). To subscribe send a blank email to

Send only version.
A sub to this address can send emails to the list, but won't receive any. Useful if you have more than one address you want to be able to send from, but don't want to receive multiple copies of everything. To subscribe send a blank email to

Change address
First unsubscribe with the old address using
Then subscribe with the new address using

An email to will get an automated response listing the above options, and a few more.

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