This page provides access to the full releases of StrongED. Please note that StrongED requires RISC OS and won't run on Windows, Mac OS, Linux or any other operating system without the use of a RISC OS emulator.

Releases of StrongED

The available releases of StrongED can be divided into three categories:

Sources to StrongED

The sources for StrongED can also be downloaded. The sources for versions up to 4.66 include StrongED itself. For later versions you'll also need to download the application archive. Please take note of the licences the various StrongED versions are distributed under.

The StrongED Developers welcome contributions to StrongED. So, if you've made changes to your copy and would like to see them added to the official version then by all means get in touch.

StrongFont utility

StrongFont (originally by John Whitington) is a utility to convert Zap fonts for use with StrongED. In addition it provides assistance for creating/modifying StrongED font files. Version 1.07b is available from here.

StrongED downloads

    Version Release Application Resources Sources Changes Compatibility
Latest stable release - all extra modes already included!
4.69 Full #11 - in 4.69 26/32-bit & ARMv7
Older stable releases - come complete with all extra modes to ensure compatibility!
4.68 Full #1 - in 4.68 26/32-bit
4.67 Full #1 in 4.67 26/32-bit
4.66 Full #2 in 4.66 26/32-bit
4.65 Alpha #3 in 4.65 26-bit only
4.64 Full #1 - in 4.64 26-bit only
4.63 Full #1 - in 4.63 26-bit only
4.62 Full #1 - in 4.62 26-bit only
4.61 Full #1 - in 4.61 26-bit only
Guttorm Vik's last - the last release version produced by StrongED's creator!
4.60 Full #1 - - 26-bit only

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