This is where I will dump any RISC OS programs that you might like to download. Just to emphasize, all the stuff on this site is for use with RISC OS (the original OS for ARM processors). If you don't use RISC OS then there's nothing here for you.

If you have any problems, or suggestions, email me and I'll try to do something about it. Also, feel free to email me when you don't have any problems as it's always nice to know that people are finding these programs useful.

All software is provided as-is, and standard disclaimers apply - if any of my programs does anything untoward to your system then it's not my fault, and even if it is then I cannot be held responsible.


Except where explicitly stated, these programs are all 26/32-bit neutral and have been tested on RISC OS 5 (i.e. Iyonix). They should run on RISC OS 4.0 and above with no change (i.e. there is no need to install the 32-bit SharedCLibrary). They may work on versions below 4.0 but this has not been tested.

A number these programs use Acorn's Toolbox modules, which are now widely available on FTP sites. RISCOS 3.1 users will also need the ThreeTen support module; this is usually included in the archive of Toolbox modules.


AppBasic was created by Joe Taylor and offers a programming environment that makes creating applications in BASIC using the Toolbox much easier. In the words of Joe Taylor:

"AppBasic is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which provides a user-friendly framework for the creation of standard RISC OS applications. Its use hugely speeds up the process of application development."

Download AppBasic
Version: 3.04 (11-05-2023), Requires: Toolbox,StrongHelp

If you've already downloaded the 3.03 version then you can download a much smaller update to bring it up to version 3.04. AppBasic v3.03 update


AppLua is an attempt to create a programming enviroment similar to AppBasic but based on RiscLua rather than BBC BASIC. Please note that it's very much a work in progress. It's alpha-grade software, use at your own risk, etc.

Download AppLua
Version: 0.03 (21-07-2018), Requires: Toolbox,RiscLua


BuildFJG is a set of tools required to build a number of applications available from this website, such as MiniTime, StrongED, StrongHelp, StrongMen and VirtuDesk.

Download BuildFJG
Version: 0.01 (06-09-2022)


DirShare allows you to easily share directories on your machine so that they are visible to other RISC OS computers on your network running Access. You can also set (and later alter) the access permissions for each shared directory. Shared directories can be unshared by simply removing them from the list of shares.

Download DirShare
Version: 0.03 (18-04-2014), Requires: Toolbox


DoubleTake is a small module that allows you to open application directories and to load any file into a text editor without holding down the Shift key. Instead you doubleclick and hold down the second click for a short time. Default is 0.20 s but this can be changed.

Download DoubleTake
Version: 1.09 (23-07-2016), Requires: -


ExifEdit provides a frontend to a set of tools, written by Eric M. Johnston and ported to RISC OS by Chris Williams, that read and write Exif tags embedded in jpeg images. The tools can read the standard Exif tags, as well as the so-called maker notes for a number of cameras. They can also be used to alter some of the Exif tags, in particular time tags and the user comment tag. What the tools cannot do is add tags that aren't in the image.

Download ExifEdit
Version: 0.98b (21-09-2015), Requires: Toolbox, RISC OS 4.0+


FTPsFE is a simple frontend for FTPs - an FTP server for RISC OS. It presents the FTPs accounts in a way that's easy to read. It allows you to add, edit and wipe FTPs accounts comfortably, without having to resort to editing the FTPs users file by hand.

Download FTPsFE
Version: 1.01 (23-02-2013), Requires: Toolbox


Makro is a utility which allows you to define simple string sequences and then 'play' them back, as if you had typed them in at the keyboard.This is most helpful in cases where a series of repetetive actions need to be carried out.

Makro allows you to maintain many different sets of macros and it allows you to specify *Commands, so you can use it for, say, an e-mail address book and an application launcher.

Makro was originally developed by David Thomas. He has kindly given his permission to release this updated version.

Download Makro
Version: 2.01 (25-01-2024)
Requires: Toolbox, RISC OS 3.5


MiniTime is a small application that shows the date & time in a user configurable format. It also provides a simple calendar, notifications and reminders.

This is a beta release to test the conversion from its original assembler source to BBC BASIC using the AppBasic (an IDE to write programs that use the Toolbox).

Download MiniTime
Version: 2.00b (23-05-2024)
Requires: Toolbox, RISC OS 3.5, Nested WindowManager


Peekaboo is a small application that allows the iconbar to be hidden, a la Windows.

Download Peekaboo
Version: 1.00, Requires: Toolbox


StrongED is a powerful (programmer's) text editor. Originally developed by Guttorm Vik, and now maintained by me.

It has its own site which can be found here


StrongHelp is a simple hypertext program for reading and designing on-screen manuals.

StrongHelp has two main areas of use: Application help and programming manuals. For the first, the manuals are usually hidden inside the application directory somewhere, and you don't have to worry about it. The second kind is normally freestanding manuals that you either doubleclick on when you want to read them, or you can organise them in the !Manuals directory so StrongHelp always knows about them, and shows them in its root page and can include them in searches.

The website hosts a large collection of StrongHelp manuals

Download StrongHelp
Version: 2.90 (03-04-2017) Requires: -


StrongKey display information on key presses:

  • Name of physical key
  • Low level key code
  • Internal key code
  • Modifier keys used
  • Wimp key code

Using StrongKey to find this information is much easier than having to go through the paper or on-screen PRMs.

Download StrongKey
Version: 1.01 (23-12-2018) Requires: -


StrongMen can offer you the following services:

  • An application launcher
  • An URL hotlist manager
  • A history of recent files
  • A list of currently open files.

All this in the form of a menu. That's right, a boring old menu. The exciting part is how this menu is defined. It is defined by, wait for it.. a text file! Yes, we are in 1997, and still the old ASCII text file has something to offer.

Download StrongMen
Version: 1.27 (31-01-2017), Requires: -


StrongMen test release is the cutting edge version which brings support for submenus generated by external programs. Despite its alpha label, the code is considered stable but the feature set may change, especially as the concept of external submenus is developed further.

Download StrongMen test
Version: 1.28a2 (10-11-2019), Requires: -


Tamarc is a small module that intercepts Adjust clicks on the TaskManager's iconbar icon. When such a click is detected an obey file will be run. By default this obey file opens the Configure window but it can be altered to perform another action.

Download Tamarc
Version: 1.01 (31-05-2018)


TestACS is a utility to test whether certain modifier keys (Alt, Ctrl, Shift) are down. The results are placed in three system variables which can be easily used in other programs, most notably Obey files.

Download TestACS
Version: 1.02 (18-12-2018)


ToggleBD is a utility which allows you to bring the backdrop to the front making it easy to get at objects that are pinned to it. The backdrop can be raised and lowered using its iconbar-icon and/or a configurable hotkey combination.

Download ToggleBD
Requires: Toolbox, RISC OS 3.5, Nested WindowManager
Version: 1.09 (01-09-2018)


Transient is a utility which provides a temporary directory on your hard disk, creating a new sub directory every day to help you organise files. You can use it like a RAM disk - drag files to it, save files to it - but the files will remain on the hard disk until you delete them.

This version adds various enhancements to the original written by Alisdair McDiarmid of Illusion Software. Such as the ability to manage users, display name of current user under iconbar icon. In v2.10b two support modules have been added: SaveToPin & TrapDelete.

SaveToPin intercepts saves to the backdrop and converts them to drags to Transient. TrapDelete will trap objects deleted through FilerAction and send them to Transient.

Download Transient
Requires: Toolbox
Version: 2.10b (16-11-2019)


VirtuDesk is a small Relocatable Module which runs as a task in the desktop. It allows you to access 'virtual' desktop area. The idea is that, for those people who find their desktop is constantly getting clogged up with layer upon layer of windows, VirtuDesk will provide large amounts of extra desktop space without the need to resort to lower resolution screen modes.

Download VirtuDesk
Requires: Toolbox
Version: 1.14 (29-04-2024)


YAC is by far the oldest bit of software on this site and was in fact the first GUI program that I wrote for RISC OS. It's not been touched for many years apart from a brief spell when I got an Iyonix (2002-ish) to make it 32-bit compatible.

YAC is a calculator similar to SciCalc but with of few extras:

  • Extendable by adding new modes.
  • Additional memory, named A-Z.
  • Base-N calculations support 8, 16 and 32 bits, both signed and unsigned.
Download YAC


The themes presented here are intended to be used with Chris Wraight's Themes Manager. They are designed for modes with 16M or 32k colours, below that they probably won't look very good. Also note that all themes use solid window tools so they won't show which window has the input focus unless you are using the ROOL's RISC OS 5.14 or the ROL's RISC OS 6.14 (Select 5i1).
Please note that ThemeTool and the themes (IcyBlue, Morph and WavesOfMud) no longer work correctly on current versions of RISC OS 5. They rely on changes to the Window Manager, made by me, that have since been removed.


ThemeTool is a utility to help develop themes for Chris Wraight's Themes Manager. It also helps with generating variants of Chris' Steel theme (I got a little fed up doing all the colour blends by hand).

Download ThemeTool
Requires: Toolbox



Download IcyBlue


Morph is based on a theme for MorphOS.

Download Morph


WavesOfMud is based on a background tile, found on a linux box somewhere, that I played around with.

Download WavesOfMud